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Fortunately, our family has a long-standing interest in family history, although previous generations did not have access to the wonderful computerised records, online resources and local family history centres that we have today.

Both my parents wrote down everything that they knew about their family of origin. They also wrote recollections of their childhoods. I am also fortunate that there have been other keen researchers in my mother's family, so some of the work has been already done. Last but not least, both sides of my family included people who wrote journals and letters, some of which have survived to the present day. Hoarding seems to be a family trait, for which I am most grateful.

I am building this site predominantly for you, my close and distant cousins. But also for anyone else interested in family history, and the social history which was the background to our ancestors lives. 

There is more information at the pages which are linked to below, and much more to come. So far, this site contains only a small portion of my family history information. 

Meanwhile these are my 8 great-grandparents and their parents, plus two other branches of my family.


  • James Escott (born 1836 Philleigh, Cornwall, England; died 1897 Malvern, VIC, Australia), the son of Amos Escott and Philippa Collett, both born in Cornwall.
  • Elizabeth Andrew (born 1838, Truro, Cornwall, England; died Queenscliff, VIC, Australia), the daughter of Richard Andrew and Elizabeth Miners, both born in Cornwall.


  • Donald John McLeod (born 1845 St Ann's, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; died 1892 Ballarat, VIC, Australia), the son of John Donald 'Arichat' McLeod and Ann McGregor, both born in Scotland.
  • Margaret McDonald (born 1848 Boularderie, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; died 1896 South Yarra, VIC, Australia), the daughter of Donald McDonald and Margaret McKenzie, both born in Scotland.


  • Edmund Keogh (born 1829 Dublin, Ireland; died 1901 Melbourne, VIC, Australia), the son of Ignatius Keogh, born in Ireland, and Frances Arabella French, born in America.
  • Mary Venner Price (born 1829 Essex, England; died St Kilda, VIC, Australia), the daughter of Edward John Price; and the widow of Edward Harrison.


  • Casimir Francis Xavier Rowe (born 1842 Hobart TAS, Australia; died 1915 Malvern VIC, Australia), the son of John Pearson Rowe, born Lancashire, and Mary Mary Lowe, born Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania).
  • Matilda Louise Ireland (born 1843 Dublin, Ireland; died 1927 Hawthorn, VIC, Australia), the daughter of Richard Davies Ireland and Sophia Mary Carr, both born in Ireland.



  • My great-great-great grandparents George Lowe (born 1782 England; died 1861 Hobart, TAS, Australia) and his wife Honora Ahern (born Cork, Ireland 1795; died 1839 Hobart, Van Diemen's Land, Australia). They were both transported as convicts. Their story starts on the Lowe page.


  • My great-great-grandparents Richard Davies Ireland (born Co Galway, Ireland 1815; died Prahran, VIC, Australia 1877) and Sophia Mary Carr (born c1821 Ireland; died 1875 St Kilda, VIC, Australia). They emigrated from Ireland to Melbourne, Australia, arriving in 1853. Their story is on the Ireland page.